With the increasing demand for solar power for residential applications, the need for solar panel battery storage solutions has never been more important. More and more households are installing energy storage systems in their houses. They want to contribute to green energy independent of rising electricity prices from power companies.

Power Porter from nRuiT can be used as emergency power, save electricity costs for families, and improve electricity quality life. nRuiT provides homeowners with a complete energy storage system that meets the needs of people who want to install a solar battery storage system.

Power Porter Diagram

Power porter 5.0 and Power porter 9.0 from nRuiT are the top solar battery storage system. If you need to install a household energy storage system to increase home value, please don’t miss out on our Power Porter. Today we will introduce the differences and values between them and which one is the best choice for you. Here we go!

Power Porter 5.0 

Power Porter 9.0

  • Common Values Between Power Porter 5.0 & Power Porter 9.0
  • Compact Size

Suitable for all types of photovoltaic panels and small residential systems with low wattage requirements.

  • High Efficiency

Meet most household electricity needs and support off-grid / grid-connected dual-function household micro-grids.

  • Easy Installation

There is no complicated installation process. Professional installation guidance experts are always online.

  • High Energy Density

The advantage of high energy density decides our Power Porter is high-performance and always keeps providing electricity steadily.

  • Specification of power Porter 5.0

  • Specification of Power Porter 9.0

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  • Application

nRuiT Energy’s home energy storage system can realize off-grid and grid-connected power generation functions and realize two-way flow control of electric energy, which is suitable for small-capacity home power backup scenarios.

  • Situation

Due to unstable power sources and unreliable grid connections, there are frequent power outages in rural areas. Not only that, but rising electricity prices are becoming more and more worrying.

  • Solution

By installing nRuiT Energy’s home energy storage system, people’s rural electricity problem is solved, not only at low cost but also in line with their environmental protection concept.

  • Summary

Power Porter 5.0 and Power Porter 9.0 from nRuiT are easy to install, high efficiency, and extremely reliable. No matter which product you choose, it is very worthwhile. If you don’t know which specification is proper for your home, please feel free to contact our experts for a free consultation.

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