What Is Power Porter?

nRuiT Power Porter is a lithium-ion battery that stores electrical energy and outputs DC. nRuiT Power Porter only maintains the electrical connection with the inverter. The electrical energy generated by the PV is converted by the inverter Dc to DC and stored in the connected nRuiT Power Porter. When Power Porter is needed, the Power Porter’s electrical energy is converted by the inverter DC to AC and transmitted to the home grid to provide power for household appliances.

  • Energy independence is available
  • Use stored energy to power your home during an outage
  • Support your appliances as a backup battery energy storage system
  • Keep your appliances running seamlessly

What Makes nRuiT Power Porter Unique?

  • High Quality

We always believe the product SAFETY is our top priority. We have redefined our products’ fundamental build among all the product development undertakings through many tests to guard the front line – BATTERY QUALITY.

  • Money-Saving

nRuiT Power Porter is a compact home battery that reduces your reliance on the grid by storing your solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining, providing clean electricity at night, saving your homes money on electricity bills.

  • Monitor In Real-Time

You can track your solar energy in real-time with the nRuiT monitor app. Monitor your home solar power generation, battery power flow, and home consumption in real-time from anywhere is available.


Recommended Products

Power Porter 10.0 

Power Porter 12.0


  • Specification ofPower Porter 10.0


  • Specification of power Porter 12.0

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How does Power Porter benefit your home energy storage system?

Maximize Self-Consumption

Power Porter is a battery energy storage system that is ideal for homes. Solar energy can be stored throughout the day and used at night to provide continuous electricity. Grid independence, improved self-consumption, and lower electricity bills are all available.


Emergency Power Backup

Power your home 24 hours for 7 days a week. By integrating the system with solar panels, Power Porter automatically supplies backup power in the case of a power outage.


Take a glance at our case study 

Place: Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

Situation: To meet the power demand of the farm and stabilize the power output, remote monitoring and maintenance.

Solutions: Jinko Solar 5kW / nRuiT HES 12.2 kWh


The nRuiT Power Porter is an all-in-one solution that provides a connection between your solar panels and your electrical loads.

When selecting an energy storage system, it’s vital to confirm if it will be easy to install and pair with an existing solar power system that does not support energy storage. The Power Porter has been designed as a comprehensive solution that can be integrated with almost any existing solar inverter by simply using an AC coupled configuration, allowing you to easily install your solar power battery.

These features allow for cost optimization, independence from the grid, and easy integration with any existing solar system or generator for maximum performance.

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