The rising cost of electricity bills makes solar energy panels installation a more common choice for property owners. The panels also become a smart long-term investment with substantial savings. Solar energy panels are a worthy choice if you want to reduce or even eliminate monthly electricity bills.


While solar energy has plenty of benefits, high upfront costs are associated with installing a solar energy system. Before installing solar energy panels, you should consider some major factors to ensure the result will be beneficial.


In this article, we will mainly discuss about solar energy panels’ costs, advantages, savings, and the long-term value.

How much do solar energy panels cost?

The initial cost of a residential solar energy system will be expensive. The total solar energy panels cost will depend on many factors, including the type of solar panels, the installment , and the choice of solar energy panels manufacturer.


The cost of solar energy has dropped significantly in the past several years. According to Sunrun, the general cost of installing solar panels in 2021 is between $16,200 to $21,400, with a 62% average annual decrease.


Residential solar costs are at their lowest in over 30 years. Residential solar energy panels are the most cost-effect than ever, and solar technological advances can maximize power production.


The advantages of solar energy panels

Solar panels have become a popular and common choice with homeowners, businesses, and the agricultural industry. Here, below are some of the reasons why solar energy panels are a common choice:


Reduce the cost of an energy bill

The most widely known advantage of solar energy panels is the bill saving. When using solar power, the need for electric energy from the grid will be reduced. There will be no paying for the energy generated through solar panels because solar energy is renewable and free.


Low Maintenance Costs

Homeowners won’t need to check the solar energy panels every week. A properly installed, well-designed solar energy system almost needs little maintenance. You won’t need to spend extra on the solar panel’s system to keep it working at optimum. The only requirement is to replace the inverter within about 25 years.


Increase property value

Houses with solar energy panels will be more valuable. The money spends on solar panels will be a stable investment as being free from the shackles of increasing energy prices.


Long-Lasting Warranties

Long-lasting warranties are a big benefit of solar panels. On the other hand, the solar energy panels won’t break or stop performance within the first 10 years after installment.


How can you save money with solar energy panels?

Saving money by reducing the electric bill is one of the main selling points for solar energy as home equipment. You can use the electricity from the solar energy panels to reduce your electricity bills.


According to EnergySage, over the life span of a solar energy system, you’re likely to save from $10,000 to $30,000 on costs. Once a solar energy system is installed, you’ll be able to start saving money right away.


There is a net metering policy: the extra energy from solar energy panels will be sent to the grid for credits on your electric bill. You won’t be charged for the bill when the usage is the same or less than the net metering credits. On the other hand, when you provide more electricity to the grid, the extra net metering credits will be stored for future use.

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