Renewable energy solutions offer a wide range of competitive advantages such as long life spans, low maintenance, and high return investment. In addition, the application of renewable energy enables end-users to afford the electricity they consume.


In this article, we will introduce one of our renewable power supply projects.


Koh Rong Samloem Island, Cambodia, SAMLOEM LAGUNA RESORT hotel originally used a 30kW diesel engine to generate electricity.


Under this situation, the hotel needs to send two people to Sihanoukville Port (15 nautical miles away) to purchase diesel every week. The price of diesel electricity is extremely high. The electricity price of Koh Rong Samloem Island is 0.7 USD/kWh. In addition, the way to purchase is also not convenient. 



  • The island is remote and requires energy system stability.
  • The energy system must be compatible with the current when the diesel engine is switched on and off.
  • Automatic switchover between photovoltaic power generation and diesel power generation.
  • The humid climate of the island is a damaged condition to the electricity.


nRuiTs solution


In April 2020, Cambodian installer NRG Solar adopted the renewable energy power supply solution provided by nRuiT.


We provided two sets of 10kW separate systems for separate power generation and power supply. The solution includes 20kW photovoltaic, four sets of 5kW inverters, and four Power Porter 10.0. On the other hand, the supplementary method of diesel power generation is adopted on cloudy and rainy days.


Our products have battery SOC calibration, and the products are protected during charging and discharging. In addition, our products can meet the needs of remote areas. For example, as long as there is the sun, the system can restore the black start of the island’s power supply.



The renewable energy power supply system has been operating stably for more than one year, and the hotel has recovered the investment cost. In general, the investment return period of the island solar storage power generation is 1.5 years.


nRuiT offers a one-stop energy storage system solution for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. We are committed to providing clean, safe, and intelligent energy storage solutions.


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