A marriage between the group and an emerging startup is taking place in Foshan.
On April 27, Easter and nRuiT Energy held a joint venture company-Easter nRuiT (Foshan) Technology Co., Ltd. establishment and unveiling ceremony. The important guests present were: general managers of various business units of EAST, shareholders of nRuiT Energy, as well as from China Construction Group, CATL, Midea, and Mebonda Group.

The business scope includes the following three major sectors.

  • Equipment and product sales: electric vehicle charging piles, photovoltaic energy storage power stations, 5G power supply systems, rail transit power supplies, data center IDC, smart city weaknesses, resource recovery systems;
  • Comprehensive service sector: project installation and implementation, project capital operation, and integrated financial services;

Core cultivation sector: lithium battery energy storage system.
It is reported that the establishment of the joint venture company has two main directions, one is the joint development and construction of new infrastructure projects, and the other is the expansion and innovative application of lithium battery energy storage in the new infrastructure.
In 2020, “new infrastructure”
Undoubtedly became
Important high-frequency words in China’s economic field,
Various places have also announced
“New Infrastructure”
Related key project investment plans,
The investment volume has reached 50 trillion.

What is the new infrastructure?

  • Including 5G infrastructure,
  • Industrial Internet,
  • UHV,
  • Intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit,
  • New energy vehicles and charging piles,
  • Big data center,
  • Seven areas of artificial intelligence. 

Look at a picture of CCTV news, you will understand

nRuiT Energy Co., Ltd. is highly in line with EAST’s strategic planning, and will carry out innovative development cooperation in related businesses.

And strive to become “new infrastructure” investors, developers and builders, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality economic development in China.

 As a leading enterprise in the power electronics industry, EAST Group has made full use of its technological and industrial advantages, and has already established and performed well in the fields of 5G construction, big data centers, rail transit, charging piles, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other fields. According to the 2019 annual report, Easter achieved operating income of 3.87 billion yuan, a decrease of 16.74% over the previous year, and net profit of 432 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13.57%.

     「  For  nRuiT Energy, today is a very important day, and our cooperation with EAST will further promote China’s new infrastructure and new infrastructure and new energy industry. 」

 nRuiT Energy Director Wang Xuhua said,

「  The two parties will work closely together to better meet China’s needs for new infrastructure construction.」

Wang Xuhua further stated:

The future development of the new company still needs to rely on the “big platform” concept. Due to the fact that the company’s industry covers high-end power equipment, data centers, charging piles, 5G power supply and other aspects. The joint venture company has a much thicker platform than the original lithium battery energy storage research and development, New infrastructure and energy storage services can be added to maximize the platform and technical advantages of both parties, further expand the industrial layout, and increase the coverage of business areas.