The major drawback of traditional energy sources is their unpredictability and unreliability. Aside from being in short supply, the worldwide supply of natural gas is frequently disrupted by global politics and geostrategic games. The world has been looking for a better solution to these energy issues for a long time. Well, the solution is the transitioning to sustainable power resources, and the recent turn of events has justified it. The need of the hour is our smooth and urgent transition from the traditional source of power to a renewable source of energy. So, this article is written with the intent to justify the importance of home power storage. Moreover, l will present to you the present energy situation in Canada to help you better grasp the concept. 


The energy situation in Canada

We’ve seen several ongoing protests in various locations throughout Canada over the last several days in response to the recent increase in gas and energy prices. Imperial Oil’s board of directors announced a 26 % increase in quarterly payouts. That may be wonderful news for stock investors, but it is not good news for the general population, including you and me. We cannot afford an energy outage; we need a constant supply of power at all times. The current demand for energy in Canada outweighs the current supply. To cope with the situation, we need a novel solution, I.e., home power storage. 

Why is home power storage the best way to deal with power outages?

Large-scale power failures may occur in many regions due to severe weather conditions. Homeowners who had a backup power storage system and a generator could cope better with the circumstance. Solar power storage is an ideal solution for energy outages. Solar energy storage is the best way to deal with power outages because it can supply a constant supply of power. It can help you reduce power costs, bring a balance between supply and demand, and reduce your dependency on the grid. 


The development prospect of home power storage

Home power storage is not an overnight invention. The first-ever modern battery was developed in 1799 by Italian scientist Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta. However, the first large-scale power storage facility in the United States was first developed in 1929. Over the years, different countries and companies started researching the home power storage sector. As a result of all this continuous research, we have the most refined form of home power storage today. 

The advantages of nRuiT’s Powerporter 5.0 and the newly-launched Powerporter 15.0

If you are in quest of a dependable solar energy storage solution, you are in luck. You have come to the right place. nRuiT’s Powerporter 5.0 can help you deal with power outages. It is mainly combined with an inverter, photovoltaic (PV), and related accessories to build a reliable residential energy storage system. The storage system is designed to store the direct current (DC) generated by a solar panel. The extra power is stored in the battery, and it is converted back to the AC when needed. The Powerporter 5.0 has many features making it an ideal home power storage solution, some of which are as follow:


  1. An energy capacity of 5.12kwh
  2. Compact size with dimensions of 745x460x165mm.
  3. It has an IP grading of IP31
  4. It has dual installation, namely floor or wall mounted 
  5. The device comes with 5 years warranty 


If you are looking for home power storage with an even high storage capacity, then you can go with our newly-launched Powerporter 15.0. It has a high power storage capacity and many other features. If you want to unleash further advantages of this product, purchase this product and get your energy independence. Our products are designed to help you ensure a constant power supply and reduce your energy bills. In addition to that, we are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint.



nRuiT is a leading energy storage solution manufacturer. nRuiT offers a one-stop solution to every energy-related problem. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.