When people talk about the solar system, several questions will come to mind. In the past articles, we have written about how solar panels work and how much power they can generate.

As we know, solar panels rely on sunlight to generate energy. Then do solar panels can still produce power at night?

Today, we’ll talk about roof solar panel systems operations at night. After reading this article, you will know what secret magics will happen to the solar system at night. Let’s take a look!

Night Operation

Fortunately, there is a way for the solar system to continuously power your home at night, which means the system will still work.

As the name state, “Solar Panels” need the sun to produce electricity. Then, what happened after the sunset?

After sunset, the energy used at night might not directly come from your solar panels. The design for a solar energy system is to offset a specific portion of your total energy consumption, reducing your energy bill.

During the daytime, your solar energy system will generate excessive energy that cannot be used immediately. Moreover, thanks to the net metering and solar battery,  we can use any excessive electricity at night.

Net Metering

Net metering is a billing agreement between solar customers and utility companies. It will connect your solar panel to the electric grid and acting as a saving account. When your solar panel generates excessive electricity, you can deposit it in the grid.

In addition, the utility company will give you credits in your bill, which enables you to draw back on the deposited energy at night. This process can cover the cost of using electricity from the grid.

The net metering will switch on when the solar panel stops working at night. This bidirectional connection allows electricity to flow both in and out of your home. Connecting with the grid ensures electricity to the customer’s home no matter any variation in solar power production. As a result, the grid serves as a communal form of solar energy storage.

However, net metering is not offered everywhere. Some electric companies want to maintain their position in the energy markets under increasing solar system trends. Therefore, you may need to pay more to draw back your stored electricity in some net metering rules than you were initially charged.

Solar Battery

Since the solar panels cannot generate power in the dark, you can still use the energy they produced during the day as long as you stored it in a battery. The lithium iron phosphate battery is widely used in solar energy storage power systems. It can be charged with excessive solar power and discharged when you need it. Depending on your utility rate, our solar battery can charge and discharge itself most economically. You will consume electricity first from the solar battery before drawing from the grid.

In addition, a long lifespan is another advantage of our battery. As we know, the more you use it, the sooner it will wear out. But our batteries have ten years performance guarantee and 20 years lifespan.

Solar battery storage system gives you control of your home energy finances. It can also be used as emergency battery backup power during outages.


Net Metering & Battery Storage Hold Hands

Currently, most solar battery storage systems connect to the electricity grid and combine working with net metering. Both solar battery storage systems and net metering enable you to control and store the excess solar power that your panel already produced. Net metering can credit the excess power, and solar battery storage systems can store the power for later uses. You can consume the energy from the grid only when your solar battery is depleted.

Solar panels work hard during the day, and they will take a rest at night. By partnering solar panels with net metering and solar battery like our Power Porter, you will have a sustainable, reliable energy solution that works for you 24/7. Thus, this combination can maximize your energy security and lower your electricity bills.


nRuiT energy storage battery manufacturer provides lithium battery energy storage system solutions for commercial and residential users, such as lithium batteries, fuel cells, and electric vehicle charging.

The main advantage of using our solar battery storage system is that it can provide complete control over the energy flow and reduce the electricity costs at the same time.

Any questions, feel free to contact us for further information. Our professional advice team will help you to choose the right products!