Just for a moment, imagine your life without electricity. You can’t even imagine right, let alone spend your life without it. Electricity has already become a necessity in our daily lives. An uninterrupted supply of power is essential. But due to technical limitations, sometimes power breakdowns occur. The question is how to cater to them? Well, the answer lies in solar energy storage batteries. Solar energy storage batteries offer the most efficient and reliable way of storing solar energy, which can be used during times when there is a power breakdown or during the night when solar energy gets reduced. This article will help you choose the best solar energy storage batteries for your energy storage. 


Benefits of energy storage

Solar energy storage batteries are the way to store solar energy from your solar panels, which generate power during the day. The power stored can be used at night or on days when the sun has poor intensity. The solar energy storage batteries offer multiple benefits, such as:


  1. They help to reduce power disruptions, hence ensuring a continuous supply of power at all times
  2. Help you reduce your carbon footprint
  3. Help you get maximum out of the renewable source of energy 
  4. Save money in the long run
  5. Make you self-sufficient
  6. Act as a power backup

How does solar energy storage work?

Before buying solar energy storage for your home, it is good to know about the working behind it. The solar energy storage batteries are integrated with the solar panel system. After installing solar panels in your home, the excess electricity is stored in the batteries to be used in the future when the panels produce electricity. The solar energy storage batteries are designed to convert the solar energy into a storable form of energy, which can be converted back to electricity once needed.


How to choose the best solar energy storage batteries? 

Choose the right type of solar energy storage battery can be a tricky business. But once you choose the right type of solar energy storage battery for your home. It will be a worthy investment and will help you save much money. In choosing the best solar energy storage batteries for your home, you need to consider some factors, which are discussed below.


Battery capacity

The power capacity of any solar battery is very important. Batteries with higher power capacity can provide more energy, and they would have greater power storage capacity. If you need power for a longer time, look for batteries with higher capacity. 


Power rating

The next factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a solar storage battery is the power rating. If you have power-intensive appliances in your home, such as a sump pump, you need to buy a battery with a higher power rating and vice versa. If you want to increase the power supply, buy a battery with a higher power rating.


Battery storage installation systems 

A DC battery system needs a solar inverter to convert the storage DC power to AC power, while on the other hand, the AC battery system has a built-in inverter for power conversion. You may research in detail the differences between the two-power storage system. 


Battery life

Battery life is very important, and you won’t be looking for a battery that goes down after a month. Everyone wants a battery that works seamlessly for a longer time. 

IP grade and warranty

While buying solar energy storage batteries, always check the IP rating. In addition to IP grade, also check the warranty of the battery. A warranty of 5 years is good.  


nRuiT home energy storage (Powerporter 9kWh)

Keeping in mind the considerations mentioned above, let me introduce you to a home energy storage battery. The latest and innovative powerporter 9kWh by nRuiT Energy is one of the best of its kind. The product is combined with an inverter, photovoltaic (PV), and all other related accessories. The battery is designed to store the DC generated by your solar panel, and it can be converted back to AC to be used when needed. The powerporter is a lithium-ion battery that can store electrical energy. nRuiT Energy lithium-ion batteries are widely used in energy storage power systems such as hydropower, thermal power, wind power, and solar power stations. Some of the amazing features about powerporter 9kWh are as follow:


  • 9kWh power capacity
  • 95% DOD
  • 5Kw output
  • IP21 IP grading
  • Five-year warranty
  • 3 Certification
  • 10-15 years life span



nRuiT Energy is one of the best household battery storage suppliers. Our home power storage system is trusted by thousands of homeowners from all around the world. Contact us and place your order.