Electricity prices have long been a source of stress for homeowners. Homeowners always spend a lot of money on electricity, but the traditional power system has several flaws, the most common of which are sudden power outages, low voltages, and an unstable power supply. Homeowners are constantly looking for a low-cost, high-efficiency energy storage system that will help them in tackling the energy issues. If you are worried about the increasingly rising energy prices, then this article is for you. I will guide you about how to handle the climbing energy prices with home power storage


The rising traditional energy price by October 2021 and the emerging renewable energy needs

The world Bank commodity report for October 2021 has highlighted that the energy prices soared in the third quarter of 2021, and it is expected to remain elevated in 2022. Furthermore, the report has also forecasted that the energy prices for this year are expected to average more than the prices of the last year. This would turn out to be a bad omen for the energy importing countries. The million-dollar question remained unanswered. How to meet the energy needs in these crisis times? Well, the answer is straightforward: reduce our dependency on non-reliable energy sources and look out for renewable sources of energy. 


Why does the energy price rise?

You might be wondering what happened this year that caused the prices to rise so swiftly. Let me summarize the top four reasons behind the energy prices hike. 


1.Less investment in the energy industry due to COVID-19

The global contagious virus of COVID-19 has disrupted our whole economy from its very roots. During these challenging times, we have seen less investment in the energy industry which as a result cause energy price to rise. 


2.Shortage of workforce

The next reason behind the rise of energy prices is the shortage of the workforce. Due to strict lockdowns, different factories were shut down. 


3.Delay of energy supply projects

All the reasons behind the energy rise are connected to the contagious virus in one way or the other way. The delay of energy supply projects resulted in rising energy prices. 


4.Lack of renewable energy supply 

Non-renewable energy is not reliable, whose price is affected by many factors, including global politics, supply, and many other factors; but on the other hand, renewable energy is very reliable. But due to the lack of seriousness from energy providers, this source is being neglected. 

The advantages of solar energy storage

It is never late to make the transition from harmful fossil fuel energy to renewable energy. Home energy storage is designed to offer multiple advantages to both the homeowners and the environment. Let’s analyze a few of them. 


1.Stabilize the energy supply

The biggest issue with the traditional sources of energy is the non-stability. The home power storage stabilizes the energy supply, thus ensuring an uninterrupted supply of power at all times. 


2.Reduce the cost

The next advantage of employing home power storage is its cost-efficiency. The system is designed to save a lot of money.


3.Off-peak power use

Power outages disturb our daily activities. It takes away our peace of mind and induces stress. The home power storage solution is designed for off-peak power use.

The advantages of nRuiT’s Powerporter 9kWh

If you have made up your mind to invest in home power storage, allow me to introduce you to a very powerful home power storage designed by nRuiT, i.e., Powerporter 9kWh. The product is mainly combined with an inverter, photovoltaic (PV), and other related accessories to build a reliable energy storage system. The device can give several advantages to homeowners. Some of them are discussed below:



Powerporter 9kWh is safe in its operation. It provides safety against all types of energy-related concerns and power breakouts. 


High efficiency 

nRuiT’s Powerporter is very efficient in its operations. Its high efficiency can ensure a stable energy supply.


Long life span

The device has a long life span, ensuring a service life without requiring any additional maintenance efforts and charges. The device can operate seamlessly for around 10-15 years.


Easy installation 

The device is very easy to install. A homeowner can easily install the system in a short time with the help of some basic tools. 


High energy density 

The device can deliver a constant supply of power. The Powerporter 9kWh can store the additional power from your solar panel, store it, and deliver it when needed. It has a high energy density.


Compact size

Powerporter 9kWh is a compact size home power storage solution that fits everywhere. It takes very little space. 


The newly launched product: Powerporter 11.0 

If you are already using Powerporter 9kWh, and you are thinking about making a transition to an updated model. Then good for you as we have designed the latest model, Powerporter 11.0, which will be more efficient and powerful than our previous models.



nRuiT is a leading energy storage battery developer and provider. Our solutions are chosen by households, industry, and commerce sectors from all around the world. The solar energy storage solution can control the rising energy prices. To get a high-quality energy storage solution, contact us today.