In today’s era of technology, renewable energy is the biggest sector everyone is focusing on. Renewable energies like solar energy are derived from natural resources that have massive source and is not harmful to the environment. Whenever we talk about renewable sources of energy, the main focus is solar energy.


To make solar energy sustainable, solar energy battery is vital. With the help of house solar batteries, we can now utilize solar energy even when the sun is not up. Picking the best solar battery can be a complex task itself. So, let us dive right in and find out which home solar battery is the perfect match for you.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries are an integral part of the solar energy system. Whenever we generate energy from the sunlight, we utilize it according to our demands or send the excess energy to the power grid. Although the power grid pays homeowners for the excess power they send back, it is nothing close to the actual cost of energy itself. So in case, your solar panels are generating more electric power than you need, you can use the excess to charge up your solar energy battery for the future.


In the evening, when we do not get any sunlight, and the electricity demand is higher, we can draw from the stored energy batteries.


Types of solar batteries

Although the main concept of every solar energy battery is the same, we store the energy we do not need at the moment and use it later when needed. But the technology used to store energy from your solar system is different. 


When choosing the best solar energy battery for your solar system, you must understand the difference between them and what they bring to the table. Here are some of the most used solar batteries for optimal energy storage.


Flooded lead-Acid battery

FLA batteries, popularly known as flooded energy batteries, have been the energy storage solution for more than a century. A great thing about FLA batteries is their low initial cost of production. Due to low production costs, they are often the most inexpensive solar energy battery on the market. Moreover, they can handle everyday charges and discharge without getting damaged or shortening their lifespan.


On the other hand, they are not ideal for those who want a hassle-free experience with their solar energy batteries. They emit gas while recharging and need regular maintenance for proper use. The plates in the batteries need to be kept under acidic water.


Sealed lead-acid battery

If you do not want to get hands-on with their batteries, then a sealed lead acid battery is the perfect solution for you. Although they cost more than any FLA battery, they have a significant advantage for homeowners with solar energy systems.


Firstly, they are completely sealed. That means no form of hazard can occur during its lifetime. Secondly, the self-contained design makes sure you do not need to refill the water for the plates, and they do not need any maintenance work. Lastly, they are perfect for any extreme temperature.


Lithium battery

Lithium battery is the go-to solution for solar energy batteries in this century. They are most commonly used in smartphones and laptops we use every day. Although they are significantly more expensive than other options in the market, they hold some of the biggest advantages over all their competitors.


Some of the noteworthy advantages of lithium batteries are:

  • About ten times the lifetime of a regular lead-acid battery.
  • Needs no maintenance to perform perfectly.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Zero hazards.
  • Great energy density results in an impressively smaller size.

Factors you need to consider before choosing the best solar batteries

Here are some of the factors you must consider before choosing the optimal solution for your solar energy battery. So before making any purchase, make sure to check the battery traits given below.


Battery storage capacity

Battery storage capacity is the biggest factor when it comes to making your decision. The more power you are looking to store, the higher battery capacity you need to get.

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Power rating

Power rating is the maximum amount of power your solar energy battery can deliver every second. The higher the power rating, the more number of appliances you can run simultaneously.

Many solar batteries have great storage capacity but lack a good power rating. That means they will run for a longer period but will not run many appliances at once. So make sure you check the maximum power you might need to run all your necessary devices and invest in a battery that matches the requirements.


Maintenance requirement 

If you like to get hands-on with their electrical equipment, then maintenance should not be an issue. If you want a hassle-free solar system that can run by itself, once set up, you should look for batteries with zero to no maintenance requirements.


Round-trip efficiency

Round trip efficiency is the ratio between the energy your solar battery can discharge to the amount of energy it needs to charge back up. That means the highest the round trip efficiency of your solar battery, the less power it wastes during each charging cycle.


Battery lifetime

The last thing you should look for in your house is a solar battery. Both your solar systems and solar energy batteries are long-term investments. So, you should only invest in products that have great battery life and offers great warrant as well.


A solar battery with an impressive lifetime offers many charge cycles and will perform exceptionally for years on end.  With nRuiT, you can store the energy of 6-36kWh during the day and use our Power Porter at night to provide continuous power for your home.


Our Power Porter is compact in structure, safe, and easy to install. Thus, it can provide an independent electrical home system to the users and reduce electricity costs at the same time.


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