One of the most important concerns of the twenty-first century is the energy issue. As you may be aware, the world population is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and energy resources are rapidly depleting, with the threat of climate change compounding the problem. In this difficult time, it is our collective responsibility to step up to the challenge and choose renewable energy sources and home energy solutions. There are several advantages of using a home energy solution, and in this blog, I will go through each one.


nRuiT will attend World Battery Industry Expo 2021 (2021.11.18-2021.11.20) at Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

The World Battery Industry Expo 2021 (WBE), formerly known as the Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition, will take place at Guangzhou’s Canton Fair Complex from November 18 to 20. This expo’s goal is to provide a world-class exhibition and trading platform for power, home energy solutions, 3C, and intelligent terminal batteries, as well as the industrial chain. A comprehensive range of items, including batteries, battery accessories and materials, solid-state batteries, hydrogen energy, energy storage technologies, and more, will be on display at this exhibition. We are excited to announce that nRuiT will be attending this event. Our booth is in Area C: M029.

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Historical development of energy storage 

Since home energy solution is the main focus of this article, let’s take a historical background of energy storage. The energy storage system we have today is the result of tiny steps taken over 40 years. Lithium and Ni-MeH battery technologies are less than 40 years old and have dominated the electronics sector, as well as transportation and the power grid. Because of the benefits this technology provides and the serious concerns about environmental change, it has become a huge success in a short period of time. Even though technology has progressed significantly, but it still has a long way to go.


Why is energy storage more and more important?

You’re probably intrigued about the benefits of the home energy solution system at this point. Allow me to explain why this technology is becoming increasingly crucial. The energy crisis and energy breakdown problems can be solved by a home energy solution. Home energy solution helps to stabilize the grid by supplementing supplies from wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources. It is a beneficial device that we should all install in our energy system because it is a one-time investment. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in addressing climate change.

How to find the best energy storage solution?

If you have made up your mind and are interested in investing in the technology. Let me help you find the best clean energy solution. While choosing an energy storage solution, you should keep in mind the following things:


  1. Always choose an energy storage capacity; the higher, the better. 
  2. Power-rating is the next important consideration.
  3. The battery life is equally important.
  4. Then lastly, you should keep in mind the IP grade and warranty.


nRuiT is a leading manufacturer and distributor of reliable power storage systems. nRuiT has the highest recommendations.


nRuiT home energy solution 

nRuiT manufactures a wide range of home energy solutions. To give you an overview of our products, the following two products are discussed.


1.Powerporter 5.0 

The Powerporter 5.0 is a Lithium-ion battery with the ability to store and deliver AC electricity. The inverter’s electrical connection is maintained by Powerporter. The battery is meant to store extra electricity generated by your solar panel and convert it back to AC when needed. Powerporter 5.0 offers multiple advantages, such as:


  • IP31 Grade
  • 5-years warranty 
  • 3 certification 
  • The device is light in weight 

2.Powerporter 9kWh

Powerporter 9kWh is a cutting-edge, high-capacity home energy solution. The product includes an inverter, photovoltaic (PV), and all other necessary components. The battery’s purpose is to store the DC generated by your solar panel and convert it back to AC when necessary. Some of the advantages of this energy storage include 90% DOD, 5Kw output, 5-years warranty,10-15 years lifespan, and many more.



nRuiT is a leading provider of residential energy storage systems. Thousands of customers from all around the world rely on our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us.