Electricity is one of the most precious needs in today’s world. However, Sri Lanka, in recent years, has been facing one of its biggest electricity crises in decades. Power outages occur daily to almost all residents of the country. Most buildings and offices are left in the dark during these power outages.


If you’re looking for a solid solution to power outages and frequent breakdowns in Sri Lanka, then you have got to know about energy storage solutions. We’ll explain why in this article.


Power Outage Crisis in Sri Lanka and Its Energy Dilemma

It’s no secret that Sri Lanka is facing one of the worst economic crises in the country’s history. The shortages of fuel and goods in the country have reached critical levels due to the foreign exchange crisis.


Many companies are forced to shut down their manufacturing plants due to severe shortages of fuel and energy in the country. Power plants are running at a low capacity because of fuel shortages, leading to cuts in electricity supplies that have hurt businesses and added to social discontent. 


The nation is facing a shortage of power daily. It has been hit by a series of blackouts that last for several hours each day. The power crisis has started to affect day-to-day life.

How Can Home Energy Storage Help Power Outage Crisis in Sri Lanka?

Previously, most people relied on generators to make up for their lack of reliable electricity where fuel is a primary commodity. Unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain during this time of crisis. Even if one can find fuel, it is often very expensive.


So, the home energy storage solution has shown great potential to tackle the power outages problem in Sri Lanka. By storing electricity produced from solar panels or wind turbines, home energy storage can provide electricity even when the grid is down. 


It is becoming increasingly popular as it provides clean energy solutions without having to rely on fossil fuels. There are many other benefits of home energy storage, such as reducing electricity bills and improving the reliability of renewable energies like solar and wind.


What Economic Benefits Can Be Brought by Home Energy Storage to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries with abundant sunshine and wind energy but still relies heavily on imported fossil fuels. If Sri Lanka wants to implement the home energy storage solution, it can bring a variety of economic benefits.


Home energy storage can promote the development of the green economy. In recent years, the government of Sri Lanka has always been committed to green environmental protection and a low-carbon economy. 


It can effectively improve the efficiency of power generation and reduce pollution emissions, which will undoubtedly help Sri Lanka to implement the green development strategy in an all-around way. In addition, they can reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels and save foreign exchange expenditure.


Home energy storage can also promote the development of the local industry. The development and application of home energy storage will not only benefit the end-users but also promote the rapid development of related industries such as new energy vehicles and smart grid equipment manufacturing.


Home energy storage can also save household electricity costs by storing electricity in the wind or solar energy storage batteries. Most families choose generators to deal with power outages. However, the fuel generator has a higher cost than the home energy storage system.

nRuiT Provides You with Excellent Energy Storage Solutions

Power outages can be a serious problem, and it is important to make sure that you’re prepared for a power outage. A key part of being prepared for a power outage comes from having the right backup energy storage system. 


With nRuiT’s energy storage solution, you can be certain that your home or business will be able to withstand the power outage. Two of nRuiT’s most popular models are the Powerporter 9kWh and the Powerporter 11kWh, which have won the hearts of countless people with their high energy capacity, amazing installation flexibility, and an excellent warranty.


  • Powerporter 9kWh

With a capacity of 9kWh, the Powerporter can provide you with long durations of energy and power. It has an incredible 90% depth of discharge (the system’s capacity that can be discharged without reducing the lifespan). It comes with a standard five-year warranty.


The unit weighs in at 75kg and is small enough to fit into most homes or offices at 830×460×200mm. It is a wall or floor mountable and has an IP31 rating, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Powerporter 11kWh

If you’re looking for more power, Powerporter 11kWh is for you. With the 11.5 kWh energy capacity, you can keep your lights on, your electronics charged, and your appliances are running during power outages.


The lithium iron phosphate battery has an extremely low risk of overheating or explosion, making it the best choice for your home or business’s energy needs. A highly durable metal shell is designed to protect the battery cell from damage and fire risk, which might be caused by falling objects or other external impacts. It is built to last, with a five-year warranty and a lithium iron phosphate battery system that has a longer life span than other systems. 


nRuiT, a major energy storage solution provider based in China, is committed to clean energy in the global environment for sustainable growth and development. nRuiT delivers advanced energy storage solutions in residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. Our products are well recognized for high performance, rugged design, wide temperature operating range, high reliability, and extreme flexibility in various applications.