Nowadays, eco-friendly seems like a popular word for the public. But what does it mean? In essence, eco-friendly means living and working in a low carbon environment.

Living in an eco-friendly way is becoming increasingly important for everyone. The challenge to adopting this new lifestyle lies in small daily routine changes. There are various ways that we can make sustainable changes to lessen the adverse effects of our environment.

The improvements can be started from a small change like re-use water bottles to a more considerable change like installing a solar battery storage system for your home. Many people are struggling to make meaningful changes because they have no idea where to begin.

In this article, we will introduce many ways to help you reduce climate change effects.

Eco-friendly Lifestyle 

The pollution from one individual’s home may not be as much as one corporation does, but there are many things for homeowners to do to make a difference. Home improvements can have a significant impact not only on the house but also on the environment. Here are some improvements from smaller to bigger investments: 

  1. Recycling – You need to spend a little time creating a comprehensive recycling system in your daily life. This system starts with collecting recycled materials at home.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes to collect more plastic materials such as water bottles, salad dressing, or plastic bags. 
  • Collecting newspapers, wrapping paper, envelopes, etc. Since all types of cardboard boxes can be recycled. 
  • Most metallic items in the home can be recycled, such as tin foil, empty soda cans, and spray cans. 
  1. Invest in Renewable Energy – You can have a “low carbon life” by investing in renewable energy like solar power systems for electricity home supply. Typically, many households are relied on the grid system from a non-sustainable source, like gas, gasoline, and electricity.

Since there are limited fossil fuels on Earth, it is harmful to our environment to use them. Solar panels are an example of renewable technology that converts sunlight into electricity. The conversion process is much more environmentally clean than converting electricity from burning fossil fuels. With the solar power system, carbon dioxide and other noxious gases will affect to a lesser degree the atmosphere.

  1. Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products – Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that negatively affect the environment. All these chemicals and ingredients are usually used for cleaning clothes, dishes, and houses. But they end up damaging our biodiversity and our planet.

Chemicals such as foaming agents, detergents, and preservatives have the most harmful effects on nature. Switching to cleaning products that do not contain synthetic ingredients can positively impact the environment.

  1. Buy Biodegradable Products – Although you cannot control everyone to live in an eco-friendly style, at least we can control the things we bought. Biodegradable products mean they can be broken down into natural elements such as carbon dioxide, and water vapor by organisms like bacteria and fungi.

Technically, everything is biodegradable, but the time of biodegrading is different. Therefore, purchasing non-synthetic but biodegradable products can ensure a shorter and safer natural biodegrade process.


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