Do you want to improve your properties’ value or get an efficient energy system? Installing a solar battery storage system will be the best choice for you.

The solar battery storage system provides you with the most sustainable and smart solution out there. Use the sun to create your energy supply instead of drawing energy from the grid.

In this article, we will get to know more about solar battery storage and its perks. Let’s get started!

What is the Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage is essentially a battery that reserves excess energy for later consumption charged by an integrated solar system. In other words, all the electricity generated by your solar panels will be stored by the battery for later uses.  

Installing a solar battery storage system in your home is a great way to use renewable energy and improving your grid independence. The stored electricity can be used in residential or commercial situations, such as sunset, energy demand peaks, or energy outage emergencies.

How do Solar Panels and Batteries Work Together?

The solar battery storage system can convert the sunlight to DC electricity and then feed the energy into an inverter. Then the energy will travel through a switchboard where it is directed to the appliances in your home. 

If you only have a solar system in your home, the solar panels will stop generating electricity when the sun goes down. At this time, electricity from the grid will be drawn to power the appliances continuously. If you are generating excess energy during the day, the electricity will go back into the grid. When you used this excess electricity from the grid, you will receive a solar feed-in tariff as a credit on your electricity bill.

But if you have installed a solar battery storage system, the battery stores the incoming sunlight energy or excess electricity from the solar panels and discharge later when needed. As a result, when you are using more energy than your solar panels produce, the stored electricity in the battery can power your appliances without drawing from the grid.

Example of How Solar Battery Storage System Works

1. The solar panels absorb sunlight energy under the sun.

2. The solar energy flows as a direct current through the solar inverter, where it can be converted into alternating current for our appliances’ usage.

3. The switchboard directs the solar electricity to in-demand appliances and directs excess energy to the battery inverter.

4. The battery inverter converts the excess energy into storable energy.

5. Finally, the battery stores the energy and saves it for later uses.

In this system, power from the grid will not be required to power the home.

Benefits of Using Solar Battery Storage

  1. Emergency Backup – With wildfires, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters becoming more frequent in recent years, the power outage is a serious problem in people’s lives. Besides natural disasters, sometimes power cuts are due to an aging grid system. Therefore, many homeowners are looking for safe and renewable technology. The backup power system can be used under the primary source fails. The solar battery will provide the backup electricity for our appliances automatically.
  1. Reduce Electricity Bill – Traditional energy bills are becoming significantly expensive nowadays. But with a solar battery storage system, you can use clean, renewable energy without drawing the electricity from the grid. Solar battery storage gives you self-sufficient and grid independence.
  1. Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels– Using fossil fuels are considered detrimental to our environment, and there is a limited amount of fossil fuels left on the Earth. Lessening human’s needs for fossil fuels can lower our carbon footprints. Using solar power or other green energy solutions helps to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. With the solar battery storage system, you can reduce carbon dioxide and other harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.
  1. Flexibility – Since solar panels will produce an enormous amount of solar energy during the day, it is unlikely for one family or a company to use all of them. Solar battery storage can store the excess solar power and help to power the appliances at night or during the outage. 
  1. No Noise Pollution – Compared with generators, a solar battery storage system will not create noise pollution while operating. You don’t need to worry about bothering your neighbors while using this system at home. It is an excellent way for anyone who currently has a generator to update their system.


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