Core Technology

Commercial Energy Storage System 

  • Longer life span
  • Lower cost
  • Efficiency up to 90%

Battery Management System Technology

  • Effectively control the current
  • Provide over-charge over-discharge protection

Cloud Monitoring Platform for Micro-grid

  • Effective Energy Management & Remote Control Settings
  • Regular Data Reports for Grid Connections

Benefits from Our Advanced Energy Storage System

Commercial Energy Storage System 

Reduce Electricity Bill 

Adding an energy storage system to the facility can effectively reduce the electricity bill. Buildings with demand charges can install an energy storage system to keep the total power consumption below a specified value. With on-site storage, you can charge your batteries whenever electricity rates are at their lowest. In this way, avoid paying peak prices during the most expensive times of the day.

Residential Energy Storage System 

Maximize Self-Consumption

Power Porter is a battery energy storage system that perfectly suits households. Solar energy can be stored during the day and offer continuous power at night. Obtain grid independence, increased self-consumption, and reduced electricity bills. 

Emergency Power Backup

Power your home 24 hours for 7 days a week. Power Porter automatically provides backup power by integrating the system with solar panels. When a power outage occurs, you will be ensured with energy backup. With Power Porter, you can achieve a clean and safer lifestyle.

energy storage solution

Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle Charging

The energy storage system can increase the capability of the electric vehicle charging station.

  • Grid reinforcement:Limit new lines installation or reinforcement of existing lines.
  • Peak shaving:Reduce the energy costs by limiting power demand peaks.
  • Fast-charging:Provide an optimal plan to speed the charging process and improve loading quality.

Off-grid (Solar Storage/Wind Storage) Power Station System

nRuiT energy storage system can help you be 100%, energy independent. From connecting to the grid storing your own energy power to being completely off-grid and self-sufficient. A solar PV installation paired with a battery system can provide all of the electricity capacity you may need. At the same time, backup generators are capable of powering a wide range of situations with reliable electricity.

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