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As China’s leading energy storage solutions provider, nRuiT provides one-stop lithium energy storage solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial users. Our products range from lithium batteries, power porters, power containers to energy monitoring platforms. Bringing the world clean, safe, and affordable energy is our mission!

Lithium Battery, a Vital Part of Energy Storage System

Safety is the priority: We believe that only by providing safe and high-performance energy storage products to customers can we get the extra mile. That’s why we always cooperate with CALT, Chinese’s #1 lithium battery manufacturer.

Compatibility is beyond question: Our lithium battery applies to all types of photovoltaic panels and many kinds of inverters. Moreover, it supports the solar on-grid / off-grid system to connect to the independent microgrid.

Energy Storage System 

Through years of experience in providing energy storage solutions, nRuiT has designed and manufactured smart energy storage systems covering households, commerce, and industry. Our technical team will also responsibly provide training, maintenance, system upgrades, and other services to support you to maximize the return on our energy storage system investment.


Power porter is suitable for small residential energy storage systems with low wattage demand and can meet most of the household electricity needs.

How you benefit:

• Provide power at night to save on electricity bills.

• Offer uninterrupted power to homes during Power cuts.

• Provide clean electricity for the off-grid areas.

For industry and commerce, nRuiT power container is also applied to the power generation side, transmission side, industrial and commercial energy storage, microgrid, etc.

How you benefit:

High-Quality Cell: The positive and negative electrode and electrolyte formula are optimized by material treatment, structure treatment, and process treatment, and the coating effect is improved.

Rigorous Simulation Analysis: nRuiT has proven experience in thermal management design and structural design, like imitating the condition of transportation and earthquake and imitating the actual operating condition of the ESS.

Stable System Integration: nRuiT is the authorized CALT Co. product reseller and system integrator.

Successful Customized Project

Renewable Energy Storage System for Hotel Power Supply in Cambodia


Our customer once required a stable energy system compatible with a diesel power generator under the island’s humid climate.

Customization Process:

Step 1: Tell nRuiT about the details of the project.

Step 2: nRuiT makes an initial strategy depending on the budget, customer demand, and the area’s climate.

Step 3: Make a deep discussion with our experts.

Step 4: Confirm the final solutions: 20kW photovoltaic, four sets of 5kW inverters, and four Power Porter 10.0.

Result: nRuiT Energy’s custom energy storage system facilitates the seamless transition from the grid to the diesel generator. The renewable energy storage system has been operating stably for more than one year, and the hotel has recovered the investment cost.


These supports are also available:

Hardware Support: Provide spare parts for aged and worn pieces.

Software Support: Regularly update our energy monitoring platform.

Training Support: Offer training resources and courses.



(Villa)Household Energy Storage System

Solar + Energy Storage Power Station

Farm Off-grid System

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