Home Energy Solution Is Becoming A Hit In Italy

As energy crises are announced throughout the world[1], many are turning to energy storage systems in order to ensure they have sufficient power available. It is not only the commercial sector that shows interest, but the use of a home energy solution has also seen a significant increase recently. These statistics are seen throughout the world, and recent reports suggest that Italy might be one of the fastest adopters of the technology.


Rising Use of Residential Energy Solutions in Italy

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Within just a few months, the use of a residential energy solution in Italy has surged throughout the country. Between January 2022 and March 2022, over 20,000 units were installed in both the residential and commercial districts[2]. This trend has been coming since the year 2020, at which the local government announced a total of 37,000 energy storage systems using renewable energy already implemented in the country[3].


In 2020, a total of 112 MWh worth of energy storage devices were sold throughout Italy. Even though we are yet to reach the end of 2022, the figure for this year has already risen to 431 MWh of energy storage capacity[4].


The Three Main Types of Batteries

When it comes to the use of a home energy solution, a battery forms a major part of the system. There are three primary battery types that residential energy storage solutions generally use, which include:


  • LeadAcid Batteries: This is an older type of battery that is no longer as popular as it once was. In modern times where a lead acid battery is used for energy storage, it usually accounts for off-grid power systems.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: These batteries are rechargeable and store power through the use of lithium ions. They are the most common type of battery and advancing rapidly nowadays. When recharging, the reduction in lithium ions is reversed. They have become widely adopted and are currently used in a majority of home energy storage systems.
  • Flow Batteries: These batteries are powerful but generally not used in residential settings. In most cases, flow batteries are used in cases where a more significant amount of power needs to be stored.


Advantages of Using Lithium-Ion Batteries for Home Energy Storage

While there are different types of battery options that can be used for a residential energy solution, lithium-ion batteries remain the most popular choice. There are several advantages to using Lithium-ion batteries for residential energy storage:


  • These batteries reduce the number of gases and fumes that are emitted into the environment.
  • They are blackout safe because they provide backup power during a blackout or emergency occur.
  • A reduced amount of energy is used from the local power grid when you have lithium-ion batteries as a home energy solution.
  • They also allow homes to become less dependent on the local power grids.

nRuiT(Xinrex) Offers Advanced Home Energy Solutions

nRuiT(Xinrex) offers advanced home energy storage devices that can form part of your home energy solution. The Powerporter 9kWh comes with an inverter and offers a power output rating of up to 5Kw. The battery has a charge cycle that surpasses 6,000 charges and is coupled with a five-year warranty.


For those who need a more powerful solution, the Powerporter 12kWh is a great choice. With a similar output power, this battery can store more energy, which means it lasts longer when there is a blackout or power outage.


Apart from providing top-quality lithium batteries to form a effective home energy solution, nRuiT(Xinrex) is also constantly expanding its network and recruiting distributors. This allows individuals who would like to enter the renewable and energy storage markets to gain access to an excellent opportunity.  


Residential energy storage is on the rise in Italy, as well as in other parts of the world. A home energy solution uses a battery to store generated energy, which you can then use to power up devices and appliances you rely on. There are numerous types of batteries and solutions available, but many people prefer the use of solar energy storage batteries that use lithium-ion technology. nRuiT (Xinrex) serves as a global provider of home energy solution options to help residential customers in Italy and other parts of the world gain access to these systems.



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