Lithium Battery Solar System: Ultimate Solution to Poland Energy Transition

PGE, Poland’s state power producer, is planning to deploy the largest battery energy storage system (BESS) in Europe with a capacity of 200 MW/820MWh. They plan to install this storage facility next to their 716 MW Żarnowiec Power Plant, 10 kilometers away from the Baltic Sea.

The resulting hybrid system will have a capacity of around 921 MW and a storage capacity of over 4.6 GWh. This lithium battery solar system will also supply power to over 200,000 residential households for at least 5 hours at any time.

Why a Lithium Battery Solar System to Achieve Energy Transition?

PGE has officially named this deployment “Project CHEST” (Commercial Hybrid Energy Storage) and revealed that they will use lithium-ion batteries for this facility. This facility will help serve their weather-dependent renewable energy sources, including the onshore and offshore solar and wind farms.

The introduction of such a lithium battery solar system will help Poland’s strategic goal to have 800 MW of energy storage installed capacity by 2030. Such a system will further aid the integration of renewable energy sources in the system by ensuring the stabilization of the power system at all times.


1. For Homes and Businesses

A lithium battery solar system will help store electricity generated onsite so it can become a dependable power source in the event of grid outages. This way, any excess solar power can also be stored and used in the future.

Home solar battery storage will also help control utility bills for many, who can then rely on renewable energy resources without fearing changing weather conditions. Since the system stores solar energy produced, it reduces overall electrical expenses for the household. The household can also store excess solar energy produced during the day for use at night.

2. For Remote Sites

The homes and businesses that can perhaps benefit the most from these systems will be those in remote sites that cannot connect to the grid even if needed. This includes remote mines, military bases, and indigenous villages. Lithium batteries are a very important component of off-grid solar systems, where they can store excess solar power for later use.

This also helps avoid the costs associated with bringing a diesel generator to a remote location. Many also appreciate using renewable solar systems that are more environmentally friendly than polluting diesel or fossil fuel-based generators.

3. For Utilities and Grid Operators

Finally, a lithium battery solar system holds many opportunities for utilities and grid operators. For those working on the grid, a renewable source of power backed up can help fill in the gaps during variable outputs of wind and solar plants. Any surplus power generated during favorable conditions is also efficiently stored for later use. Such a lithium battery solar system in place can help provide stability and reliability to the country’s electrical system.

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