Energy has become something that modern-day individuals and businesses heavily rely on. We rely on energy for everything from cooking food to producing products that consumers buy. The energy generation process is costly, however. There are also limitations to what these plants can offer. This is why people are often turning to battery energy storage systems as an alternative solution.


Solar energy already powers a large number of residential and commercial properties. One issue that does come to mind is the fact that the utilization of these systems heavily relies on current weather situations. With a solar energy storage battery, this problem is solved, and we create a cleaner solution for energy provision at the same time.

Germany Expands on Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy is a trending topic that many countries are looking at. By switching to sources of renewable energy, governments are able to significantly reduce the load that comes with traditional methods of energy generation. Germany, in particular, seems to excel at switching toward alternative methods for the generation of energy.


By 2020, over 300,000 installations were recorded throughout the country.[1] The number now continues to rise as more facilities and even households look toward these solutions. A particularly important feature that was noted among these installations is the inclusion of battery energy storage systems. A solar energy system alone is already useful but will not produce energy in the lack of UV rays. The addition of a battery in these systems helps to provide greater efficiency with the solution.


Households throughout Germany use an 8.5kWh battery system on average, with some homes having less or higher demands.[1] The average capacity does seem to be increasing. This shows that people are increasing their reliance on solar energy as a solution for powering up their buildings.

Investment Guide to Battery Energy Storage Systems

The increasing demand for battery energy storage systems also brings about investment opportunities. However, there is something needed to be paid attention to when investing.


  • Who Your Target CustomersAre?

When it comes to investment, the first thing that comes to mind would be the target customers. Both households and corporations are your target customers for battery energy storage systems. This is due to the great demand for homes and businesses, as we mentioned above, along with the primary benefit of this type of investment is long-term saving.


  • Who Is The Best Energy Solution Provider?

When it comes to investing in these systems, it is crucial to choose the right energy solution provider. There are a large number of companies and organizations that already provide access to renewable energy solutions.


nRuiT is one of the most recognized providers. Based in China, we deliver top-quality batteries for solar storage that last for extended periods of time. We are dedicated to offering our services and battery solutions to a worldwide population.

Recommend Powerporter 9kWh and Powerporter 12kWh

Two popular battery solutions include the Powerporter 9kWh and Powerporter 12kWh. Both of these batteries provide very similar advantages, with the primary difference being the amount of energy each of the batteries can store.


The Powerporter 9kWh offers an output power of 5KW. It offers a lifespan that lasts for well over 6,000 cycles. The five-year warranty that comes with these batteries is another important advantage that helps to protect the customer’s investment. Regarding the Powerporter 12kWh, its energy capacity can reach12.2kWh while with IP31 protection grade.


There are also versatile installation options to explore with these battery energy storage systems. They provide a freestanding structure, as well as support for wall mounting. More importantly, these two lithium-ion batteries are certificated with UN38.3, ensuring top quality.


About nRuiT

nRuiT Energy Technology offers a wide range of battery storage solutions tailored to various needs. The battery solutions offered by nRuiT provide an efficient solution for households, as well as commercial and industrial purposes. Intelligence also forms part of these solutions to help provide not only a sustainable solution but also a safer choice.



[1] More than 300,000 battery storage systems installed in German households. Available at: (Accessed: 26 August)