An efficient battery energy storage system is the main consideration for home energy storage. The storage system can store energy generated by solar PV panels during the day and then provide energy at night, during a grid outage, or on a low-sun day.


People have increasingly tended to use lithium-ion batteries as energy storage solutions to replace the 150-year-old traditional lead-acid battery technology.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer many benefits compared to lead-acid batteries and other lithium batteries. For example, longer life span, no maintenance, extremely safe, lightweight, improved discharge and charge efficiency.


In this article, we will mainly discuss the benefits of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

What are lithium iron phosphate batteries

The lithium iron phosphate battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that uses iron as the cathode material and a graphite carbon electrode with a metal backing as the anode. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries (LiCoO2), lithium iron phosphate is a safer battery chemistry combination.


Because lithium iron phosphate batteries don’t contain rare metals or battery acid, this type of battery can remain stable at extreme temperatures. Lithium iron phosphate batteries’ superior chemical stability makes them an ideal choice for a long-term energy storage system.


In addition, the performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries is better than all storage categories. The compact size of a lithium iron phosphate battery can provide four times the charge storage capacity of lead-acid batteries.


Benefits of lithium iron phosphate batteries

  • High charging and discharging efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial in off-grid applications such as solar energy storage systems. Fast charging reduces downtime and improves efficiency.


The lithium iron phosphate battery has high charging and discharging efficiency, which can reach nearly 100% under the condition of discharge. On the other hand, the lead-acid battery is about 80%.


Due to fast charging and high discharge rate, lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered perfectly suitable for various high usage applications.


  • Lifespan

The lifespan of a lithium iron phosphate battery is extremely long. This type of battery can give more than 5000 cycles at deep discharging. The battery can be used for a long period without decreasing its performance. For example, lithium iron phosphate batteries still have 80% of the original capacity left at the end of their cycle life.


The cycle life of a lead-acid battery is about 300 times and up to 500 times. The lifespan of a lithium iron phosphate battery is ten times that of traditional lead-acid batteries. This advantage greatly reduces the need to replace batteries.


  • Maintenance

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are maintenance-free. This battery can be left unused for a long time without being damaged. Lead-acid batteries require constant maintenance. Otherwise, the lifespan of the battery will decrease.


In addition, the BMS (Battery Management System) automatically implements the “balance” process to ensure that all batteries in the battery pack are charged equally.


  • Safety

Lithium iron phosphate batteries use lithium iron phosphate crystal inside, which is stable and difficult to decompose. On the other hand, traditional lithium-ion batteries use Cobalt inside, which reacts with Oxygen in the air to cause thermal runaway and fire.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries involve the latest technologies and include many safety measures to avoid overcharging and leakage. In addition, even in extreme cases, the fire risk is extremely low.


  • Temperature performance

Wide operating temperature range (-20C–+75C) and high-temperature resistance. Lithium iron phosphate batteries’ electric heating peak can reach 350 °C-500 °C, while lithium manganate and cobalt oxide only reach 200 °C.


At -20°C, a lithium iron phosphate battery with a 1C current can provide more than 80% of the energy. Lithium iron phosphate battery is the technological choice for harsh environments.


  • No memory effect

The memory effect means that the capacity of a rechargeable battery will drop below the rated capacity when the battery is often not fully discharged. However, no matter what state the lithium iron phosphate battery is in, this battery can be used without discharging and charging.


How nRuiT can help you

As a CATL authorized energy storage system integrator, nRuiT provides lithium battery energy storage solutions for households, industry, and commerce. In addition, the company is committed to providing clean, safe, and intelligent energy storage systems.


nRuiT lithium batteries provide long life, safe use, fast charging, high-temperature resistance, large capacity, and no memory effect.


Power Porter is a battery energy storage system that perfectly suits households. The system provides grid independence, increases self-consumption, and reduces electricity bills. Power Porter 9.0 has a five-year warranty, ten-year performance guarantee, and ten to fifteen years life span.


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