Home energy storage, or battery energy storage system, is typically based on lithium-ion or lead-acid controlled by a computer with intelligent software to handle charging and discharging cycles. That means home energy storage devices store electricity locally for later consumption. When used in combination with on-site generation, they can eliminate blackouts in an off-grid lifestyle.


Many types of batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries are the most widely used. Still, lithium battery has become the mainstream choice in household energy storage systems due to the drop in battery price and battery innovation.

The advantages of the nRuiT lithium-ion battery are as follows:

    • Long life span
    • Safe use
    • Fast charging
    • High-temperature resistance
    • Large capacity
    • No memory effect
    • Non-toxic
    • Pollution-free

At nRuiT, bringing people clean, safe, affordable energy is our mission. We provide the most intelligent, environmental-friendly, and economical home energy storage systems for you. Using our products helps you save your money while you help protect our environment.

Benefits of home energy storage devices from nRuiT

Save Money

nRuiT Power Porter supplies your home more economical through stores your surplus solar power from the grid. That means you can harness the sun at any hour. With Power Porter from nRuiT, ordinary families can save hundreds of dollars each quarter of the electricity.

Protect Environment 

By using clean, green, and economical Power Porter from nRuiT, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, such as natural gas, coal, oil, and diesel. You reduce fossil fuel pollution for the world when you start using solar energy storage.

Be Independent

We can’t control when the sun shines or the wind blows, so battery storage is the ultimate solution to use electricity freely. Once you install your Power Porter, you no longer worry about ever-increasing power prices by storing excess power to use when you need it.

Functions of home energy storage system from nRuiT


  • Self-production and sales of electrical energy

Use solar power and Power Porter to reduce the dependence on the grid and store electricity during the day for night use.


  • Backup power

When the power grid is out of power, it can be seamlessly switched to Power Porter as a backup power source to protect your home from power outages.


  • Sell electrical energy

The electrical energy generated by the photovoltaic array can be stored in a connected Power Porter or sold to an energy supply company.


  • Off-grid power supply

The system can be connected to diesel generators to ensure uninterrupted power

supply in areas without city power (such as islands and remote mountain areas).


In short, the home energy storage system can effectively realize energy conversion and storage, solve the imbalance between distributed generation and load, improve the stability and efficiency of renewable energy generation, and realize “Self-use” at the user end, saving electricity costs.

Why Choose nRuiT?

As a professional energy storage battery manufacturer focusing on the field of lithium battery energy storage. nRuiT’s Power Porter have:

  • Patented Design: nRuiT has 8 registered patents and 23 authorized utility models.
  • Reliable Quality: Use CATL LFP batteries, which reflect the high quality of our systems.
  • R&D Team: We own a battery testing laboratory to assure in-house quality control.

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Comparison of power Porter5.0 & Power Porter15.0 from nRuiT

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