The biggest risk of non-renewable energy is the emission of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming like serious environmental concerns. Human has already damaged the ecosystem of the planet and caused the extinction of thousands of species. Our primary responsibility is to reduce the carbon footprint; one way to do this is by switching to a clean energy solution. If you have already pledged to reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment, then let me help you find an excellent energy solution. 


What can clean energy bring you?

Why should you care about the environment and invest in clean energy? Well, the answer is pretty simple, non-renewable sources of energy, i.e., gas, natural oil, and coal, are in limited quantity. In addition to that, they cause serious environmental concerns. The biggest advantage of clean energy is the reduction in carbon emissions and other air contaminants. Secondly, it will reduce our dependency on imported fuels and resources that are limited. The overall public health will be improved. Clean energy will also bring energy and power balance and availability. Hence with a clean energy solution, a non-stop and uninterrupted supply of power is guaranteed. 

  • Types of renewable solutions

    Renewable energy solutions are classified into different types. In the following section, I will summarize them for you.  



    The first clean energy solution is Bioenergy. This type of energy is derived from the organic material from plants and animals, known as Biomass. The source is inexhaustible, as plants get their energy directly from the sun. Bioenergy is the largest renewable contributor to the transport and heating sector.  


    Hydro energy

    As the name suggests, this type of energy is derived from water. The water is stored in dams and diversion structures. The kinetic energy of which is converted to electrical energy. This energy produces low carbon emissions. It is reliable and is safe to produce. 


    Wind energy

    The wind blows almost everywhere; the kinetic energy of wind is used to produce electricity. You must have seen huge wind turbines; these turbines produce cheap electricity. 


    Solar photovoltaics (PV)

    Photovoltaic (PV) is a nonmechanical device that is used to convert sunlight into electrical energy. Solar photovoltaic is also termed a solar cell. When sunlight hits the solar cell, the photons knock electrons in the substrate material into a higher level of activity. The displaced electrons are channeled into creating DC electricity. 


    Geothermal energy

    Geo means earth, and therme means heat, so geothermal energy is the energy production from the heat of the earth. Heat is continuously produced inside the earth. The three top uses of geothermal energy include direct use, ground surface heating and cooling, and power generation. The steam from the geothermal energy is used to rotate the turbine and produce electricity. 


    Energy storage

    The energy produced using solar photovoltaic is in the form of DC electricity. The other useful clean energy solution is energy storage, which is used to store the DC electricity produced in solar panels. The stored DC is converted to AC form and is supplied to the home grid. 

Why is home energy storage important?

This article will discuss the last type of clean energy solution, i.e., energy storage. A home energy storage is important because of the benefits it offers to the homeowner, such as:


  1. Power independency
  2. Reduce power bills
  3. Reduce carbon footprint
  4. Uninterrupted all-time power supply


Who provides you with excellent clean energy solutions? 

If you are looking for clean energy solutions, you should choose nRuiT as your ideal home energy solution provider. nRuiT specializes in clean energy solution manufacturing and distribution. nRuiT has a long list of power storage systems you can choose from, like Power porter 5.0, Power porter 9.0, Power porter 10.0, Power porter 11.0, etc.  

nRuiT home energy storage (powerporter 11kWh)

To meet your daily electricity needs and to handle power breakdowns, nRuiT has designed a powerful clean energy solution, i.e., Powerporter 11kWh. The device is connected with an inverter and photovoltaic (PV). The device is designed to store the DC power and convert it to AC, which can be used once needed. It is a very reliable and powerful clean energy solution. The home solar battery storage by nRuiT yields multiple benefits to the homeowners, such as:


  1. A large energy capacity (11kWh)
  2. Five years warranty 
  3. IP31 grade
  4. 10-15 years life span
  5. The stored energy can be used anytime needed.
  6. A much-needed power backup during power outages 



nRuiT is the best supplier of clean energy solutions. Even though the company is China-based, we are serving the global market. nRuiT is dedicated to bringing clean, safe, and intelligent energy solutions to more people worldwide. Feel free to contact us.